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  AOA DVD Smart Ripper 3.8.2 - Convert DVD DivX
  Convert DivX DVD, Rip DVD to DivX MPEG AVI, Copy DVD onto hard drive in high quality DivX format and only 1/10 original space!

Smart Ripper, DVD Smart Ripper, Convert DVD DivX easily

AOA DVD Ripper - DVD Smart Ripper to convert DVD to AVI MPEG DivX ...
provides a fast, easy way to copy your favorite DVD movies onto hard drive in high quality AVI, DivX, VCD and SVCD formats. Convert DVD DivX, Rip DVD to DivX MPEG AVI, It can also extract original movie sound track from DVD.

  Backup your DVD movies now in just 3 quick steps with AOA DVD Smart Ripper !
    * Select DVD Source
    * Select Copy Mode
    * Select Output Format and output directory


DVD Smart Ripper have 3 Copy Modes

  • Movie Clip - Copy a clip of DVD movie if you don't need the entire movie or chapter. It's easy to restrict clip range by moving slider.
  • Entire Movie - Copy the entire DVD movie
  • Chapter - Only copy selected chapters. You can not only save chapters into one file, but also save them into separate file.
DVD Smart Ripper Supported Video Format:
  • DVD to AVI, DivX, XViD, MPEG-4 format (DVD to DivX - same quality and 1/10 original DVD space)
  • DVD to SVCD PAL/NTSC (MPEG-2) format
  • DVD to VCD PAL/NTSC (MPEG-1) format
  • DVD to WAV - Extract original movie sound track from DVD
DVD video ripper and audio ripper - All In One!

Copy entire DVD, movie clip and chapters

High speed and perfect quality

Excellent technical support

Lifetime free upgrade

Instant Key Delivery

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