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YahooSearch 2.0.0

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September 18th, 2007, 00:01
YahooSearch is a plugin that will allow you to perform seaches on some of the most used Yahoo searches. YahooSearch is a combination of 10 search plugins that give you access to the following Yahoo! searches: Web, Images, Directory, News, News Images, Products, Movies, Videos (new), Weather, and Site.

Simply select a menu option and the plugin will search for the highlighted text on a page.

If no text has been highlighted, you will be able to enter your keywords in a prompt window.

YahooSearch can also open related search pages - e.g. Advanced Image Search or Yahoo! News, and the Yahoo! Search Help page.

The plugin should work with keywords in any language. It will also work on recursive frames.

If you prefer using Google, there is also a GoogleSearch plugin in the same section.

This plugin consists of two versions: YahooSearch and YahooSearch 4MyIE2

To install the plugin, unzip the downloaded file to the Plugin folder and restart your browser. The new plugins will be detected - remember to uncheck the incompatible one. You can also disable it later - in the plugin options.

The incompatible version can be safely deleted.If you wish, you can change the default action for the plugin (executed after the button has been pressed).


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