searcher free download Search is a useful Yahoo widget designed to help you find the torrents you need in no time.[...]

Geckostock is one of the fastest growing stock sites on the net. Images start from just 50p thats less than $1.
Geckostock search is a gadget that will let you search for images on the Geckostock website from your desktop or Vista Sidebar.[...]

Torrent Harvester is a free and useful software that will preform a search for Torrents on multiple websites returning all results in a single list. Just enter some text to search on, press enter or click the search button and the list will fill with torrents found. Right clicking a torrent in the list will bring up a menu to download the torrent and start your BitTorrent client.
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Celebrity Search will help you get information about famous people. All you have to do is highlight a name of a celebrity on a web page, right click it with the mouse, and choose Search Celebrity menu item to see the info about the celebrity in a separat
You can search movie starts - actors, actresses and directors, musical performers, supermodels, politicians, prominent businessmen, other publicly known people. Nice research tool.

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