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Simple TTS Reader is a small clipboard reader. Simply copy any text, and it will be read aloud. You can choose any installed speech engine, e.g. Microsoft Anna. In addition, you will be able to minimize this text-to-speech utility to tray.

richfeedbutton has the ability to add a new button in your navigation bar that allows you to esaily add the found feeds to your default feed reader.

NewsSifter is an application that was developed as a first of it’s kind RSS news reader.
NewsSifter uses advanced Bayesian Analysis technology to automatically classify news stories in to user defined category and to sort out the stories that you the user find interesting.
NewsSifter is flexible, it learns form you, and imposes no limits. You can define the category that make sense to you. NewsSifter will watch how you move stories into categories and it will learn what type [...]

Code Weaver is a fun and educational software program that outputs text files as Morse code.
Code Weaver is supplied with a library of assorted sounds including Morse code at 20 to 100 wpm.
The package includes other novelty code sounds such as simulated transmissions from antique spark transmitters and telegraph key sounds.
The program is not limited to Morse code, you can add any custom sounds that your PC soundboard is capable of playing.
Full instructio[...]

Alice in Wonderland application was designed to be a EBook Reader

Leithauser Research EBook Reader - Alice in Wonderland application was designed to be a EBook Reader.
When you run this ebook reader, it will first check to see what ebooks you have downloaded. If you have one ebook, it will automatically load and display that ebook. If you have more than one, it will display a list for you to choose from. You can double-click on a name on the list of select a [...]