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CamUpload is an easy to use application for uploading webcam images to your website.
Images created with CamUpload can also be stored in the local system or in any system in your LAN as JPG files.
CamUpload uploads an image at user preset time intervals, and can be configured to capture images only when movement is detected.
CamUpload uses its own embedded FTP client to send the webcam images to your website. It can work minimized in your computer tray, as a backgroun[...]

Did you ever want to take a screenshot of a web page? WebImager ActiveX can capture the entire web page as JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF image on the fly.
Not only html files, but plain text files and Web Archive Format (*.MHT) files can easily be converted to an image with WebImager.
WebImager ActiveX Component will use Internet Explorer’s functionality to capture a snapshot of you favorite URL. It utilizes the web browser control on Windows to download the webpage and then capture i[...]