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Fri, 20 Feb 2009 06:12:43 UTC

BABLS Game is modern variant of an all-time classic puzzle game where you must remove the balls (block or stars, upon your choice). This Windows Vista compatible puzzle game combines classic arcade playability with modern DirectX technologies. Catch some color-matching fun with this version of the hit online puzzle game, featuring hi-res graphics and user friendly interface.

The following are some of the main features:

- Outstanding animated graphics - A selection of different skins enables you to change looks and feel of the game. 64 different graphic combinations are possible.

- Full screen and window modes - BABLS Game has simple sound effects that you can enable or disable - You can choose between three game difficulty levels: Beginner, Experienced and Expert

- You can restart current game or you can save the game at any time to continue later or to try to increase the score - High score list is maintained by the game. You can see or clear the list at any time - Help file is included in the game. Press F1 function key to see help file - User-friendly Interface - Install / Uninstall Support - Non-violent and fun for all ages - New features in Version 2.0.0:

Now you can handle the high score list that is maintained by the game; Game difficulty levels changed; Graphics of the top bar Menu improved; Difficulty Level notification added to the bottom information bar; Game protected now with the most flexible hardware fingerprint protection. It lets all changes to the machine's hardware after a registration key is inserted; Now game installation finishes with registration pop-up window; Registration from within the game enabled now.

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