Family Home Budget 2008 9.5.1g free download

Family Home Budget 2008 9.5.1g

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July 25th, 2008, 19:53
Family Home Budget offers the look and feel of contemporary Ledger books while implementing the power of the PC to perform lighting fast financial calculations.

The straightforwardness of the spread sheets places your assets at the top, expenses in the middle, and the summary at the bottom.

Gone, are the cumbersome and hard to work with categories that seem to frustrate the mind.

Just simple list the names of each expense on the left hand side of the spread sheet and place the expected cost in the appropriate week/or weeks

Key features of “Family Home Budget”:

· Place your expenses in the order in which you would like to see them appear on the page.
· Add to your budget the unexpected bills that may never be completely foreseen,
· Run what-if scenarios. Say that you wanted to go camping; but didn’t know if your finances would allow it. To be able to just plug the name and numbers in; and see right-a-way how it will affect your budget.
· Save up for Christmas, that special event, and/or just for the sake of saving…..All from one bank account!

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