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Category: [Text editors]

NikPad 2.0.0

Developer: B.NikhilBaliga
Size / OS: 37 KB / Windows All
License / Price: Freeware /
Last Updated: April 11th, 2007, 08:31
Downloads 892
NikPad - a free text editor with awesome features like a temporary clipboard where you can store whatever you want, how many ever you want, a mini encryption-decryption, a built in text to speech converter (requires xvoice.dll can be downloaded from the net), changing contrast, insert files, autosave if you are bored of saving and a whole lot more.

NikPad is an notepad replacement with temporary clipboard.

The temporary clipboard comes with drag-drop interface and a manager that lets you manage, edit, remove and add newer items easily. There is also a quick paste or slow paste (with undo buffer) option.

The encryption, beta capitalisation and beta speak-it-out and insert file are other great features along with enhanced editing features make this a better editor than most others and let you glide through your work. Check this out.

This is a slightly different version of NikPad - use this version to open and create .rtf and .doc files and many more (Similar to WordPad) You can insert bullets, numbering, pictures and change font and a whole lot more. You can open huge files in seconds, and edit them even faster.

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