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Steps for Spyware Doctor v5

    1. Open Spyware Doctor

    2. Click on Settings from the left side of the Spyware Doctor screen

    3. Select Scheduled Tasks and click on Add

    4. Follow the Scheduler wizard to select the type of scan and the times you wish to schedule the scan

Steps for Spyware Doctor v4

    1. Open Spyware Doctor.

    2. Click on the OnGuard button on the left of Spyware Doctor’s screen.

    3. Click on Scheduler and ensure the Summary tab is in front. This tab displays information about the current schedules for the Quick Scan, Full Scan and Smart Update tasks.

    4. To change the current schedule of a task, click on the appropriate tab at the top of the Scheduler screen, or on Settings next to the appropriate task on the Summary tab. This will take you to the relevant tab.

    5. The selected task’s Settings tab displays. Here, you can alter the following aspects of the task’s settings:

    To use a scheduled task, ensure the check box next to Activate Scheduled Full Scan/Quick Scan/Smart Update is ticked.

    Under Scheduled Time, type or select the time that you wish the task to begin.

    Under Scheduled Pattern, click Daily, Weekly or Monthly to change the frequency that the task will be executed. In doing so, options on the right of this group box will change. You can alter these as follows:

    Daily — with the Every radio button selected, you can change the daily frequency of the scheduled task. With Every weekday selected, the task will execute from Mondays through to Fridays.

    Weekly — select the day of the week that you want the scheduled task to execute.

    Monthly — type the date of the month that you want the scheduled task to execute.

    To unschedule a task, clear the check box next to Activate Scheduled Full Scan/Quick Scan/Smart Update.

    6. When you have completed altering the selected task’s settings, click on Apply changes.

    7. You are taken back to the Summary page, where you will see the updated scheduled settings for the task.

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