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The Ultimate RMVB -> DVD guide

This method will fit 5 episodes on a dvdr with the best quality possible (the source is dvd-rmvb rip). This guide may seem like alot of work but it's not.
Once you get the hang of it, it's just a matter of a few clicks and alot of patience waiting...=)

Software needed:

1. EO Video
2. Tmpgenc Plus
3. Tmpgenc Dvd Author
4. Realplayer 10 (won't need to use this but needs to be installed)

Make sure you have ALOT of hard drive space & avoid too much multitasking (cpu intensive)
Step 1: Ripping the Audio

a. Open up EO Video
b. Make sure the EO Extension Manager has "rmvb" under the Extensions column
if not, add it in yourself on the row "Real Media"
c. On the Explorer tab (shown on bottom left), choose the rmvb(s) files and drag them to the right side
d. Go to the Converter tab, click Profile button (on the left)
e. for the output format, choose "WAV"
f. change settings to below:

compression: pcm-no compression
sample rate: 48000Hz
channels: stereo
bits per sample: 16-bit

g, click the Output button, click browse, choose a location to store the WAV file(s)
h. click the convert button, then click the START button when you are ready

Each episode (45 mins) will take about 3-5 mins to rip the audio
Step 2: Convert the Video

a. Open up Tmpgenc Plus
b. click file, then Project Wizard
c. Under "DVD", choose NTSC or PAL (i highly recommend NTSC)
d. click the drop down arrow and choose "CBR MPEG-1 Layer II Audio(MP2)"
e. Click Next, click browse for the video file
f. Find your rmvb file that you want to convert (click the drop down arrow and choose to see all files, then you will see the rmvb files)
g. click browse for the audio file, and find the wav file you created in the above section that corresponds to the rmvb file
h. click Next 2 times.
i. change the "% of disk capacity" to 19.5%
make sure it says "dvd-r 4.7GB(UDF)" on the left side
j. click next and then click browse
k. choose where you want to store the newly created file
l. choose "create another project for batch encoding" and repeat steps c-k for the next rmvb file
m. convert it when you are all ready

each file will take 40-80 minutes (depends on your computer specs)
Step 3: Authoring the DVD

a. Open up Tmpgenc DVD Author
b. click on source setup
c. click the untitled track box and give your first episode a name (ie. Chapter 1)
d. click "add file" and find your MPG file that you created in Step 2
e. click "add new track..." and repeat steps c & d
when all 5 tracks have been added...
f. click "create menu"
g. you can choose the menu you around with's quite easy
h. click "output" and choose where to store your dvd files (vob + others)
i. click "begin output", this will take 20 mins approximately
j. when it's done, a message box will appear, choose the open up dvd writing tool
k. pop in a dvdr disc into your burner and click "write dvd"

Some of the above steps seems like I'm holding your hand to do this...i am assuming you know almost nothing about computers.
This guide is for novice-expert users.
This guide is to put 5 episodes (recommended) onto a dvdr. You can change the % in step 2 if you want to fit more or less onto the disc.
This guide will work for dual language as well, just that step 3 will take a lot longer for processing cuz the software needs to adjust the dual audio.

Post edited by: cavey, at: 2004/10/16 01:37

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