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Guide Of WinAVI Video Conveter -1

Convert all video file to MPEG/VCD/SVCD/DVD format

Please click the  button on the main interface (or you can click "menu" button on the main interface, then select "format convert" to find "Any to Mpeg/VCD/SVCD format" in the submenu), select one or more file(s),and then the program will switch to "Any to Mpeg/VCD/SVCD format" interface as follows:


If you want to reselect the file(s) that will be converted on the file list, please click the "Reselect" button. Then choose the file(s) that you want to convert again.

Output directory:

You can click the "Browse" button to select the output directory or you can type the directory directly into the box.

Output formats and their advanced setings:

According to your needs, you can click to choose to convert to DVD, convert to MiniDVD, convert to VCD, convert to SVCD , convert to Non-standard VCD, or to convert to MPEG1, convert to mpeg2 on this interface. Then by clicking the "Advanced" button, you can change some settings for the output type that you have selected. Here are some instructions for setting relevant output types.

Convert to DVD/MiniDVD:

Output setting:


There are two output modes for you to choose from: "Constant video quality" and "Constant video size." You can select only one of them for the output mode.

From the "Constant video quality" mode, you can select the output quality from the "Highest," "Higher," "Medium," "Lower" and "Lowest". If you select the "Highest" quality", the output size will be the largest and if you select "Lowest" quality, the output size will be the smallest. The "Constant video quality" mode also allows you to split the size of the output file. Of course, you do have to split the file unless you want to.

From the "Constant video size" mode, you have to figure out the range of the maximum size and minimum size of the disk. From this, you can calculate how many discs will be needed. You will need at least 1 disc, but there are no limitations of the maximum number of discs.

NOTE: If you are using the "Constant video quality" mode, all of the VOB files will be converted to one disc so it will only produce one directory and one IFO file. If you are using the "Constant video size" mode, it will create all the IFO files and directories needed for the number of discs you will make.

Target format and aspect ratio:

The default setting of "Target format" and "aspect ratio" is "AUTO," but you can change the setting if you want to.


The "By Speed" option will create the DVD at a faster speed, but it will ignore the quality of the picture.

The "By Quality" option will create the DVD with a better quality, but the speed will be slower.

Audio bitrate:

There are four preferences for you to choose from with a default setting of "192000".

Enabled DirectAC3:

If the source file has AC3 audio and you select this option, the output file will have the original AC3 audio without losing any of the quality.

Enabled DVDMp2:

If you select this option, the output file will have Mp2 audio.

Set chapter length:

This option is used to set the length of the chapters for your output DVD. The shortest possible length for each chapter is 10 seconds.There are four preferences for you to choose from with a default setting of "192000".

Convert to VCD/SVCD:

When converting to SVCD, you can convert using either the "Constant video quality" mode or the "Constant video size" mode. However, if you are converting to VCD, you can only select the "Constant video size" as the output mode. The difference between VCD/SVCD and DVD is the size of the disc. When you select the "Constant video size" as the output mode for VCD/SVCD, you can choose from 300MB/650MB/700MB/750MB/800MB for the capacity of the disc.

Also, you can set the "Target format" and "Preference" when converting to VCD/SVCD.

Convert to Non-standard VCD:

The settings for a Non-standard VCD are the same as a SVCD's, but it has an optional Audio bitrate that a VCD/SVCD's does not have.

Convert to MPEG1/MPEG2:

When converting to MPEG1/MPEG2, you can convert using either the "Constant video quality" mode or the "Constant video size" mode. The difference between MPEG1/MPEG2 and DVD is the capacity of the disc. When you select the "Constant video size" for the output mode for MPEG1/MPEG2, you can choose from 300MB/650MB/700MB/750MB/800MB for the capacity of the disc.

MPEG1/MPEG2 is not the best option for converting movies to disc. If you create a disc using VCD/SVCD/DVD/MiniDVD and you want to add some additional material, then MPEG1/MPEG2 will be an option.

On this control panel, you can set "Target format", "Preference" and "Audio bitrate" which can be referred to above for details. Also, you so can set the "Audio sample rate" for MPEG1/MPEG2. The audio sample rate is an attribute of audio compression.

Size of the picture:

If you select the "Keep original size" option, the program will keep the original size of the picture.

Also, you can change the picture size yourself. You can set the height of the output file from 176 to 960 and the width from 144 to 576. When you set the height and width, please make sure that both of them are the multiples of 16.

 Also, you can change some additional settings with the "Encode" tab in the "Encoder options" control panel.

When everything is ready, click "ok" to start converting. Also, you can click "Cancel" to cancel all the settings that you made.



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