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DVD X Player FAQs:

1. Q: What is the minimum requirement for DVD X Player?
A: Before installing DVD X Player, you should confirm that your system complies with the following minimum requirement:
Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or above;
CPU: Intel Pentium II 350MHz/Celeron 400MHz MMX or above;
Play hardware: DVD-ROM;
Sound card: PCI/ISA sound card (strongly recommend PCI);
RAM: 32MB;
VGA card: Support DirectDraw

2. Q: Which platform can DVD X Player support?
A: DVD X Player is a simple-to-use DVD playing software using pure software method. It supports all windows systems of Microsoft Windows.
¡¤ Windows 98/98 Second edition / Millennium
¡¤ Windows 2000 series
¡¤ Windows XP series
DVD X Player will support Linux, Mac in the future. With powerful supporting functions, DVD X Player enjoys popularity with more and more multimedia users. The more important is that you don¡¯t need to bother about anything as the program detect your operating system automatically and carry out the necessary steps for installation for you.

3. Q: Can I use DVD X Player in Windows XP?
A: DVD X Player supports Windows XP and can run in Windows XP.

4. Q: How to install DVD X Player?
A: It depends on the way you buy the software.
1. Serial number by email
You can download and install most updated DVD X Player trial version from our website and register with the serial number you obtain from us by email.
2. CD setup disc
Run setup program supplied with CD and follow the steps to carry out installation.
3. Online download
After you have completed an order, you will receive an order confirmation email which will provide you a designated website to download DVD X Player setup files.

5. Q: Why can¡¯t I install DVD X Player in Windows 2000?
A: If your operating system is Windows 2000, when you install DVD X Player, you should logon as Administrator in order to install the program.

6. Q: DVD X Player prompts me to upgrade DirectX to version 8.0 or newer versions. Do I need to upgrade DirectX?
A: DVD X Player needs to have DirectX 8.0 or newer versions to run the program. You can download the latest version for free from Microsoft website. If the DVD X Player you purchased is in CD version, the disc should have contained DirectX setup disc. Find it and install it in your computer.

7. Q: What kind of audio processing functions can DVD X Player offer?
A: 1.Dolby Digital 2/4/6- channels decoding and (floating point) Pro-Logic decoding functions.
2 . Support SPDIF to output Dolby Digital (AC-3) and Digital Theater System (DTS) for most real audio quality.
3 . Support MPEG-2 audio effect and LPCM decoding function.
4 . Support two channels DS3D, A3D and QXPander analogue surround sound effect.
5 . Support Windows 2000 multi-channels and SPDIF.
6 . Support DVD sound effect of Microsoft DirectSound standard interface.
7 . Support 2 channels output and mixer arithmetic.
8 . Support multi-channels output of the main stream sound cards
9. Support karaoke and MP3 functions.

8. Q: Which video playing functions can DVD X Player provide?
A: 1.Support NTSC (resolution at 720 x 480) and PAL (resolution at 720 x 576) system.
2.Support different display modes for different screen resolutions. For example, it supports display modes of 4:3 or 16:9 under the screen resolution of 4:3, or supports display modes of 16:9 under the screen resolution of 16:9.
3.Display correct aspect ratio of the movie.
4.Support DVD (MPEG-2) and VCD (MPEG-1) specifications.
5.Strengthened smooth playing and eliminate picture twittering.

9. Q: Which types of multi media formats does DVD X Player support?
A: DVD X Player supports most of the multimedia formats, including various audio and video specifications. It supports all functions provided by Microsoft. Details of specifications are as follows:
1. Audio-Video Interleaved (AVI)
2. Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG, MPG, M2V, DAT)
3. Windows Media Video (WMV)
4. QuickTime (version 2 and lower, MOV)
5. Advanced Streaming Format (ASF, ASX)
6. Digital Video (DV, DV1)
7. Video Object File (VOB)
9 . WAV (WAV)
10 . AIFF (AIF)
11 . AU (AU)
12 . SND (SND)
13 . MIDI (MID)
14 . Windows Media Audio* (WMA)
15 . MPEG Audio Layer-3 (MP3, MP2, MP1, MPA, M2P, M2A)

10. Q:Does DVD X Player have the function of changing skins?
A: DVD X Player v1.0 provides the function of changing skins that is suitable for you.

11. Q:Where can I get or buy a DVD X Player?
A: You can get a trial version by downloading it in the ¡°free download area¡± of our website. You can buy DVD X Player online from our website.

12. Q: I have already bought the software and I don¡¯t know how to register DVD X Player.
A: 1. You must first install DVD X Player evaluations copy. If you don¡¯t have it, please download it from our website.
2. Find a serial number contained in the order confirmation email. It is suggested to print out the email and keep it proper for future reference.
3. Run DVD X Player, select purchase / register of the right click menu at video window.
4. Carefully input your name and serial number and then click on 'Register'.

13. Q: Why I fail to create Overlay surface on the video card? How to solve the problem?
A: Such alarm will be prompted by DVD X Player if your VGA card cannot provide enough memory space or doesn¡¯t have Overlay mode to display video images.
In this case, it is suggested to reduce the resolution, refreshing rate or color pallet to leave enough memory space for video images.
Another reason is that the drive for the VGA card is quite old or doesn¡¯t support Overlay mode which leads to failure of Overlay initiation. Please contact your VGA supplier for the latest drives or do as we recommend above.

14. Q: How to play DVD,VCD,SVCD,MP3?
A: You only need to insert a disc into DVD-ROM, no matter it is DVD, VCD or SVCD. DVD X Player will launch automatically and play the contents for you as long as your DVD-ROM supports standard reading formats. You don¡¯t need to bother which type of format to choose for the disc to play.
If you find that the inserted disc cannot play correctly, it may be due to the non-standard format of the playing disc. In this case, please try to use ¡°file¡± mode to play, like MP3 or some multimedia files made by yourselves.

15. Q: What are the special features and functions of DVD X Player?
A: DVD X Player ? is a simple and easy-to-use multi media play program by pure software method. It is simple, reliable and suitable for users worldwide. DVD X Player is the best choice for DVD playing! Dispense of the use of the expensive hardware MPEG-2 decompression card, it can play DVD with high graphic quality and let you enjoy the best music environment. It render your multi media computer to be home theater and audio and video center!
Features of the Products:
¡¤ Support DVD/VCD /MP3 playback;
¡¤ Personalized user interface;
¡¤ Changing of control panel skin;
¡¤ Bookmark
¡¤ Hardware acceleration and motion compensation
¡¤ Pan & Scan

16. Q: What kind of video playing function can DVD X Player provide?
A: 1. Support NTSC (resolution 720 x 480) and PAL (resolution 720 x 576) specifications.
2. Support different display modes under different aspect ratio and resolution. For example, it supports display modes of 4:3 or 16:9 under the screen resolution of 4:3, or supports display modes of 16:9 under the screen resolution of 16:9.
3. Display correct aspect ratio of the movie.
4. Support hardware motion compensation function.
5. Support different DVD (MPEG-2) and VCD (MPEG-1) specifications.
6. Strengthened smooth playing and eliminate picture twittering.

17. Q: What kind of sound processing can DVD X Player provide?
A: 1. By means of MMX Dolby Digital 2/4/6- channels and Pro-Logic
2. Support SPDIF to output Dolby Digital (AC-3) and obtain most real audio quality
3. Support MPEG-2 sound effect and LPCM software decoding function
4. Support 2 channels analogue surround audio effect
5. Support Windows 2000 multi channels (Creative!) and SPDIF (Crystal 654630/4624)
6. Support DVD sound effect of Microsoft DirectSound standard interface
7. Support 2 channels output and mixer arithmetic
8. Support multi-channels output of main stream sound cards
9. Support Karaoke and MP3 play functions.

18. Q: Why are there no subtitles when I am playing DVD X Player?
A: This is because that the Overlay drive of your VGA card has not been started normally and you cannot see subtitles. You can try the following method to correct the problem:
A. Install DirectX 8 or higher version;
B. Update your VGA card drive;
C. Reduce the resolution, color pallet and adjust refreshing rate.

19. Q: Does Windows 2000 support S/PDIF?
A: DVD X Player can use S/PDIF. But it depends on whether your sound card supports S/PDIF. It only works after Windows 2000 have installed Microsoft Service Pack 2 or later versions.

20. Q: Why Can¡¯t I use S/PDIF 5.1 channels output provided by DVD X Player?
A: First confirm if your sound card supports S/PDIF. If your sound card could not support, you cannot use S/PDIF to play. If you want to set this option, press audio setting button on the DVD X Player setting attribute and select DVD play setting option.

21. Q: Why there is region code protection?
A: The major movie producers in the world have set the standard to divide the world into 6 regions and require the DVD released within these 6 regions to be set with region code to protect their interest. Hence, theaters and families in each region will not be able to obtain cheaper discs from those cheaper regions and have to purchase from the normal channels so as to safeguard their interest.

22. Q: How many types of region code protection in DVD-ROM hardware itself?
A: The region code protection in DVD-ROM hardware may be classed into 2 types: A. Phase I (with no region code protection): The hardware itself will not protect the region and the region code is protected by the software. B. Phase II (with region code protection): Use the set region code protect on the hardware as the one for watching movies. As this is the protection by the hardware itself, you should consult DVD-RMO manufacturer for detail information.

23. Q: How many times is allowed for me to change the region code after setting up the DVD X Player for the first time?
A: No any limtions.

24. Q: My computer has already had MPEG1or MPEG2 hardware decoding and compression card. Can I still use DVD X Player?
A: DVD X Player is a play program for decoding MPEG1 and MPEG2 using pure software method. DVD X Player may be compatible with hardware compression card, but cannot run simultaneously with the hardware compression card.This means that when you are using DVD X Player, remember not to use hardware compression card at the same time. Because if hardware compression card and DVD X Player are used simultaneously, it may cause the playback to stop or even the system will be suspended. If such a thing happens, it is suggested to remove the hardware compression card or close it.

25. Q: Can all functions of DVD X Player be used in VCD?
A: There are many types and sizes of VCD. For some disc types like music CD, they have musics / chapters and can be skipped forward and backward. For other VCDs, they don¡¯t allow for such actions. However, you can fully utilize searching slider to search for the sections you want to play.Some of the allowable functions that may be used on some VCD depending on the individual case are listed below:
Skip to next chapter or last chapter, those listed below are for VCDs.
Normal setup
OSD setup
Begin to use
Audio setup
Panel setup

26. Q: Can I use frame capture function during playing VCD movie?
A: DVD X Player v1.0 provides frame capture function and you can use this function during DVD or VCD playing.

27. Q: I encounter an error "This DVD-Video content is protected by Macrovision. The system does not satisfy Macrovision requirement.Can't continue playing this disc", why ?
A: Macrovision errors usually indicate a failure to authenticate the Macrovision-protected video content on a DVD disc. Macrovision is the analog copy protection applied to most DVDs, in order to prevent them from being copied to video tape. Your system, particularly your video card and drivers, must be configured properly or Macrovision errors can result. There can be several possible causes of this problem:

Improperly Configured Video Drivers: Make sure you install video drivers according to the manufacturer specifications. Detailed instructions for properly installing or upgrading video drivers are usually included in a readme file that accompanies the driver files.
Incompatible Software or Drivers: Please make sure that your DVD decoder is fully compatible with your current system configuration. This includes video card, version of Windows, version of DirectX, etc. Be sure to visit the decoder's website for information about system requirements if you are not completely sure of compatibility. If your decoder is not fully compatible, then an upgrade for it may be available that will make it compatible.

TV Out Feature May Be Activated: On most notebook PC's, as well as some desktop computers, the display adapter has a TV Out feature. If you are viewing DVD video on a computer, you should make sure that only the display that is currently in use is active. For instance, if you have a laptop and you do not have an external monitor or TV connected to it, make absolutely sure that this feature is not currently activated. If it is, then the video hardware will be trying to send a signal to both places, and an error is likely to occur.
No Support For Macrovision In Video Drivers: This is becoming a rare issue, but it can still happen. Older video cards (mainly, models released before 1997) probably will not support Macrovision. In addition, some video card makers can sometimes release driver updates even for current models that are incorrectly configured for Macrovision support. In these cases, the solution would be to either replace the video card with a newer model, or install a set of drivers that include Macrovision support in them; depending on what the situation may be.

Insufficient Video Resources: Sometimes a lack of hardware resources can trigger a Macrovision error. You may want to change your display to 800x600 pixels and High Color (16-Bit), and see if this makes any difference. Also, if you have recently replaced your monitor or have your system connected to a different monitor than it usually uses, make sure that Windows is not still configured to use the previous monitor model. This too can trigger a Macrovision error.

28. Q: I have purchased a serial number but DVD X Player does not accept it!!!
A: Please make sure you are typing in the registration code. It is pretty common to accidentally type in the product # or order #. Scan down your order e-mail to the line that says "serial number : " and the number right after that is your serial number !

29. Q: I have not received my serial number! Isn't it about time!
A: Don't be panic! In many cases, there may be a processing delay. Sometimes, people have supplied the wrong e-mail address. In rare cases, the registered users are unreachable due to mis-configured e-mail clients or privacy control.

30. Q: Lost serial number policy
A: If you register and, for whatever reason, you do not receive an e-mail from us with a serial number or if you are reformats your hard drive and cannot find your registration code, simply e-mail and We will send your registration code. (Please include your Order# and as much order information as possible, as it will be easier to locate your order in the database.

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