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  • CodeTwo Exchange Rules automatically adds signatures and disclaimers to outgoing external and internal email sent via Exchange Server. CodeTwo Exchange Rules is an ideal solution for all companies using Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003 or Small Business Server (SBS) as their mail server.

    Under legal regulations, companies must add contact and identification information to their outgoing e-mail messages. The program is a very convenient solution allowing centralized addition of company disclaimers/signatures to outbound and internal messages without user interference. The program adds important information, e.g. company details and logo, confidentiality clause, sender's personal data to corporate e-mails in a simple way.

    - adding different disclaimers and signatures to e-mails depending on the message sender/recipient's address or domain, AD attributes or membership to AD units, groups etc.
    - adding different disclaimers and signatures to e-mails depending on the message sender/recipient's
    - adding personalized signatures containing the sender's data available in the Active Directory database to e-mails, for instance the first and last name, company, phones, e-mail address, etc;
    - automated removal of empty AD fields and text;
    - adding disclaimers and signatures containing images such as the company logo;
    - built-in editor to easily compose plain-text and HTML disclaimers and add graphics, tables etc.;
    - extended rule criteria to select the most appropriate footers for messages;
    - multiple disclaimers in one message e.g. signature company disclaimer eco note;
    - advanced replying and forwarding options;
    - recording information about all messages processed by Exchange in the archiving utility;
    - statistics tool to keep track of mail traffic;
    - user-suppressible disclaimers;
    - test and preview tools;

    The disclaimers and signatures are configured by the administrator using a convenient and easy-to-use rule wizard that enables setting up personalized signatures, legal notes, and company disclaimers. The editor enables using numerous criteria which help configuring different footers for different users. The footers can be defined based on the domain or Active Directory container the sender or recipient belongs to, or on the basis of certain Active Directory attributes, such as branch name, or country of residence.

    CodeTwo Exchange Rules lets the administrator manage disclaimers and signatures added to messages sent by all users from the Exchange organization. CodeTwo Exchange Rules is a server based solution - there is no need to configure the footers on all individual machines in the network. The footer is composed and deployed for all users by the administrator at Exchange.

    CodeTwo Exchange Rules streamlines the addition of footers to messages - now the administrator is not required to configure footers separately for all users and supervise their correct usage. Of course, the users can still use the client-based footers.

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