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Free Uninstaller is the freeware uninstall tool - replacement for Add/Remove program. It starts up slightly faster than system applet and contain some additional features. The main task of the program is to remove the applications installed with Windows system and to remove the invalid entries from uninstall list.
The Free Uninstaller interface is a very simple and user-friendly. It consist of 3 main elements: toolbar with the most frequently used functions, list of the installed appl[...]
This utility automatically uninstall Dr Solomon AntiVirus Toolkit, McAfee VirusScan, Norton AntiVirus F-Prot Pro and F-Secure AV Products without the user having to know which one they have installed.
You can also run AV Uninstaller Tool in silent mode by using the /S command.[...]
Easy UninstAll is a program uninstaller that finds and remove even the most stubborn of programs.
Uninstall faster, easier and more completely than you do with other programs.
Easy UninstAll will remove all of the remaining traces to optimize your computer?s performance.
Easy UninstAll also includes a startup optimizer to make your computer boot alot faster and by removing any Trojans or adware that might startup with your computer you are able to make your computer[...]
Forces uninstall of Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 using default files and settings.
This toolkit will uninstall Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 using default files and settings from Microsoft.
It is only intended for use if normal uninstallation methods failed.
Some users are unable to remove Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 because the original files and registry keys needed to uninstall Internet Explroer 7 Beta 2 are no longer on the system, usually because a cleaner tool deleted the[...]
Absolute Uninstaller is a very useful program that lets you remove/uninstall unwanted programs from your operating system. It is similar to standard Windows Add/Remove program but more powerful.
The standard Add/Remove program can’t uninstall applications completely which offen leaves broken registry keys ,unnecessary files on the hard disk.
The more junk files your computer have ,the slower it runs. Absolute Uninstaller can wipe off all the junk files clearly in seconds.It of[...]
Ultra is a small tool that replaces the standart unconvenient and heavy “Add and Remove Programs”.

Uninstall Tool is a great, powerful and reliable alternative to standard Windows Add/Remove program. It’s fast, secure and convenient way to remove unneeded applications and to improve your computer efficiency.[...]
Add-Remove Pro shows you what is in the Add-Remove Programs list, which entries are valid and allows you to uninstall or remove any entry.
Add-Remove Pro will help you safely uninstall the applications you don’t want to keep anymore on your computer.
Displays the entries in the Add/Remove Programs list of Windows Registry, checks if each is valid, and uninstalls the selected program or removes the entry from the list.[...]
Revo Uninstaller is not just an uninstall application, but it also includes other utilities and features that will help you clean your Windows based computer system.

With its unique “Hunter mode”, Revo Uninstaller offers you some simple, easy to use but effective and powerful approaches to manage (uninstall, stop, delete, disable from auto starting) and to get information about your installed and/or running applications. Many addition tools are included in Revo Uninstaller.

Absolute Uninstaller Pro makes your computer run more efficiently by removing folders and files that were left after you uninstalled software. .
It also appropriately loads all applications with correct icons, so you can easily find the programs you wish to uninstall. Due to its powerful search feature, this application will prove to you that it has never been this easy to locate the program that needs to be uninstalled!
Absolute Uninstaller Pro is an easy & powerful Utility to he[...]
PUI (aka Program Uninstallation Information) is a small utility that has been developed with the sole intention of allowing users to view and modify the uninstall string for installed programs without having to enter the registry, and additionally allow simple removal of such programs from a simple to use interface.
PUI is a uninstallation utility that view and modify application uninstall entries.
PUI additionally identifies programs that cannot be uninstalled, and lets you k[...]
Powerful Professional Uninstall Manager with intuitive and easy to use interface! Manage and completely remove Windows applications.
At most cases Windows applications are very complicated. They put large number of traces to your system. Especially that refers to such things as entries in Windows Registry, Program Files and Shortcuts. In general the problem lies in Uninstaller (simply, an uninstaller is the opposite of an installer.
During the uninstallation, the uninstaller [...]
Argente - Uninstall Manager is an alternative utility to the standard Add/Remove applet of Windows operating system.
Argente - Uninstall Manager displays the list of all installed application, and allows you to uninstall an application, delete an uninstall entry, and save the list of all installed applications into a text file.
Argente - Uninstall Manager also provides additional information for most installed applications that the standard Add/Remove applet doesn’t display: v[...]
How many times have you tried to uninstall a program using Control Panels’ Add/Remove programs and found out that you just can’t get rid of it?
Add/Remove 4Good will enable you to remove these stubborn applications for good. It is intended for Windows users who wish to keep their system clean. It has a slick and easy to use user interface with fast access from the system tray. Misbehaved shareware can be installed without the fear of having it stuck forever in the Add/Remove list.
InstallShield Installation Information Manager is an application used to manage the archive of installers stored in the Program Files directory by the popular installation system InstallShield.
ISIIM may be useful for those who have a lot of programs to clean the garbage left after uninstalling some of them[...]
Safarp is a small and fast replacement for the “Add or Remove Programs” Control Panel applet of Windows 2000/XP. It displays a list of the installed programs and allows one to uninstall / repair them.
Computer users like to install new programs perhaps from a CD or the Internet. But you just can’t trust those installation programs. Sure, they’ll copy a new application’s essential files to the hard disk, but they’ll also add files to existing directories, change .INI files, tweak the Registry, and generally litter the disk.
Yes, Windows includes an Add/Remove programs applet in its Control Panel, but this applet is virtually powerless on its own.
It can function only if the [...]
Some errors might occur when deleting a Kaspersky Anti-Virus product via Start > Control Panel > AddRemove Programs. As a result the program will not be uninstalled or will be partially uninstalled.
This removal utility will allow you to easily uninstall the following products:
· Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.07.02009
· Kaspersky Internet Security 6.07.02009
· Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 for Windows Workstations
· Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Servers 6[...]
With the help of Pro Uninstaller 2003 you can uninstall any program from your PC without any troubles. All you have to do is to select a program from the list, double-click it and that’s it. PLUS! With Pro Uninstaller 2003 you can backup your registry only with one click.
Changes in Current Version:
The loading time is much sorter (about 2 seconds)
The graphical interface has been changed completely
Now when you move the mouse over the installed programs list [...]
Easy Uninstall is a state-of-the-art uninstalling utility which will make uninstalling programs a pleasure. The interface of Easy Uninstall is handy, elegant and functional.
Easy UninstAll is a program uninstaller that finds and remove even the most stubborn of programs. Uninstall faster, easier and more completely than you do with other programs. It removes all of the remaining traces to optimize your computer’s performance.
Easy UninstAll also includes a startup optimizer t[...]
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