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Art Organizer gives you an easy to use tracking system for all your components. It is a free gift to our friends in the art community![...]

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My Bux Buddy - The Ultimate PTC Organizer

TrayUptime enables you to view the uptime of your PC and will copy the result to your clipboard. A very small program and runs in the system tray. Written in Delphi.[...]
CoolMon will display system information in a small configurable window. Most of the application`s data is retrieved from the Windows performance counters; these are the values it can currently display:
Multi Meter (Dual Core) is a gadget that will monitor and display on your desktop our system resources usage.
HotKicks is a tiny tool that gives you complete control over your Windows Operating system.
CleanSystem is a plugin that will give you a quick access to the Tools, Clean System menu and the Clear Recent Visited Favorite History command (available through the Recent Favorites button.
You can easily set the plugin to execute multiple commands when you click on the button - e.g. you can clean everything except for Form Data and cookies.
The plugin is also capable of running a selected External Utility - allowing you to run a 3rd party application like Disk Cleaner or si[...]
WinUpTime has been developed to keep track of the stability of your Windows operating system.
This utility stays in your system tray for instant access, simply hover your mouse over its icon in the tray and it lets you know how long your system has been running.
Hardware Monitor is simple Windows application for monitoring temperatures, voltages and fan speeds on motherboards.
It can monitor motherboard equiped with LM78 and Winbond W83781D Hardware Monitoring chips (tested and developed on Asus P2B). Now fully configurable, with powerful logging.[...]
We know your time is short and valuable. The following is a concise, no nonsense description of a fully functioning Electronic Health Record System.
MedBase EHR provides you with:
Smart Progress Notes - Real-time Suggested E&M Coding
Appointments Management
Digital Patient Records
Digital Chart Room
Prescription Writing and Meds Management
A MenuEx control, allows you to handle VB menus.
- Office XP/2003 menu styles
- Windows XP icons (alpha support)
- Header, Sidebar and Color items
- Custom drawn items
- Add/insert/remove items on the fly
- Unicode character-encoding standard
- Bidirectional languages
- MDI applications
- Full color customization
- Compatible with Windows XP themes
- Custom highlight styles
- Help text for each item
- Control over the system[...]
Observe-IT is a free solution for system monitoring. It can check the services ping, http, https, ftp and open ports on specified systems.
If a service fails for a number of times, it can execute some actions too. Observe-IT can play a sound, send an e-mail or run a customizable command line.
The standard in low-level tools for forensics and recovery has always been ByteBack. Now you have version 4, even better.
The addition of UDMA, ATA & SATA support, with memory management and greater ease and control of Partition and MBR manipulations, ByteBack continues to uphold it’s viability as the computer forensics and recovery application of professionals.
System Monitor is a comprehensive tool which provides you with a permanent record of information like memory space, hard disk usage, date, time, user name, etc. about all the computers running on your network.

When you run the EF System Monitor under Windows NT, Windows 2000, XP or Vista, you can use the advanced services provided by these Windows platforms, like process and thread surveillance, advanced I/O port monitoring, CPU times, etc.

All items are displayed in a nic[...]
EPMon was written for showing the CPU usage percentage all the time.
System Monitor can help you take better care of your computer by automatically running disk defragmentation on your schedule. This helps keep your computer in good health when combined with proper anti-virus, anti-spyware, and regular software updates.
LTC System Monitor is a useful program for servers, and for busy PC users that just can’t remember everything.
Try it today for FREE, and see how easy the software is to install and use. You will have easy access to your Email [...]
The Easy Files Manager is a function strong document management utility, the computer customer demand what is the speed speed speed, efficiency efficiency efficiency.
You found out to open a document with 5 seconds before in the computer operation process, thered is that software your to need 2 can. The total amount can be you for a year economical half year for 31536000 seconds many time is 18921600 seconds. Time saved down you can go shopping, travel, game.
Think to be dry w[...]
Inquiry Management System is an essential tool in today’s competitive market brought to you by Enventia Limited.
You can classify inquiries on a number of factors like area, media, purpose of buying, income group, etc. You can send personalized mails. Track daily followups, overdue followups, lost inquiries, etc.
Over and above you can prevent loss of inquiries by being able to track and act according to the system. Know the performance of your Marketing dept. Saves am[...]
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