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pMCore is a performance testing software aplication who calculates how much time spends a computer calculating a concrete amount of prime numbers. This way we can compare how much time spend on this diferent computers with diferent features, configuration
It has been created to compare processors with diferent amount of cores or computers with diferent amount of processors taking into account that it allows to distribute the work of prime calculation in up to 32 threads. Apart from th[...]
System Lock will allow you to lock your desktop so that no other users may use your PC.
Windows NT/2000 already comes with this capability, but what about Windows 98 & ME?
System Lock contains numerous Options for security and appearance. It also has a unique protection system in that, if your computer is restarted or a power failure causes your machine to reboot, System Lock will automatically lock the system on restarting, so that you computer will remain locked.
Medlin’s Budgeting Software is a simple, easy to use budgeting system.
Clean your system from all the garbage wasting space and slowing the performance of your computer with System Cleaner full set of powerful tools. Also comes with a Registry Cleaner so that you can fix all the registry errors.
System Cleaner? takes care of all the common PC headaches that slow your system down and puts your data at risk from disk failure. Pointstone System Cleaner is able to take care of many of the of the PC problems that other so-called tune-up programs often ignore.<[...]
Extended System Tray is a widget that will add a tool to your desktop which will show your system information. Intentional designed for portable computers.
NgDiskCat is a versatile, multifunctional disk cataloging program

NgDiskCat is a strong, multifunctional hard disk cataloging software which will help you keep a record of your storage media collection and to provide easy organising methods - management of that collection (You can define multiple disk locations & disk types) and powerful search features.
NGDiskcat has two different interfaces, one for beginners and one for more advanced users, with explorer l[...]

InfoRapid Cardfile System is an electronic database system with which you can manage text and image documents. You can arrange the documents chapter wise and open them directly over a hierarchical table of contents like in a book. The integrated full text search engine helps you to retrieve all documents fast and simple.
You can also use the program as a digital photo album. So you can enter a description text and the date and time when the photo was taken. The information is stored to[...]
Frigate file manager manages your files effectively

Frigate file manager is here to help us not just manage our files effectively, but rather do it with comfort and a touch of style.
Besides basic file operations such as moving, copying and deleting files, Frigate can also handle compressed files (e.g. zip, rar, ace, arj, jar, ha, lha, zoo, limit and hyper).
Network and FTP file management is another great feature of this application. Frigate is capa[...]

U&I Information Management System can customize personalized management system basing on all kinds of information or archive.
miniFile Info will give you the size in octets of a given file.[...]
Real-time Information from Your Systems
The common approach to finding out information about the computers in most businesses is to install a desktop client that periodically collects system information which is then stored into a database.
While there are some advantages to this method there are some drawbacks as well. Retrieving the information into a usable format usually requires someone with advanced query language knowledge and access to the database.
FilmSpeed let you calculate the budget for making a movie.
MiTeC System Information is a useful Delphi component that provides most complex system information about your computer software and hardware environment. It provides System Overview design editor, save/load data capability, many usefull applications and demos and it’s FREE in compiled version. Delphi 5,6,7,2005,2006 compatible.
MSI - all-features-presenting application with professional design and look.
WMI Explorer - WMI object explorer with WQL query tool
Mobile Action’s FoneJoy Player is your best PC software solution to deliver multimedia and music content to mobile phones. FoneJoy Player is a PC-to-Mobile Phone software solution designed by Mobile Action for music/video downloading, playback and file management.

We are offering the FoneJoy Player solution to Content Providers (CPs) that would like to take the lead in offering the lates Mobile Multimedia Content Market.

FoneJoy Player offers software with a built-in music [...]
Although Pip Trader application is the simplest forex system in the world to use, it is built on sophisticated trading technology.
We developed Pip Trader to combine a secure online environment with a genuinely intuitive user interface to help you make successful trading decisions in real-time. See how easy it is to install and trade for yourself.[...]
Codemaster SysInfo is a gadget that will add to your Vista Sidebar or desktop a small utility that will show the current time using a small analog clock, full date and the CPU and RAM usage.[...]
Minisys is a free widget that shows the memory usage, memory loads, CPU load, WiFi network and signal strength.
Shows disk usage of mounted volumes, total free and available space on all drives. Everything in a small fully customizable minimalistic package.
The Widget uses the font 04b03, which is included.
This Widget is cross-platform.

Diskeeper automatically defrag your hard drive, making PC run faster

Computer Inventory Server gathers your network PC’s software and hardware information. Software information includes installed window OS, software, MS Packs/Update/Hotfix, drivers and running services. Hardware information includes CPU details, no of ram, harddisk space, network card, and etc.
Computer Inventory Server also generates customized software and harware inventory management reports.
VoiceMail Master is an easy to use PC based management tool for the Panasonic TVS/TVP Voice Processing System (VPS).
VoiceMail Master is an great software tool which will allow the customer to take control of Voice Mail quickly and easily.
VoiceMail Master is designed to be connected directly from your PC serial communication port to your Panasonic Voice Mail System.
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