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DVD Ripper Introduction:

AoA DVD Ripper is a DVD copy software. It provides a fast, easy way to copy your favorite DVD movies onto your hard drive in high quality AVI (DivX, XviD...), VCD (MPEG-1) and SVCD (MPEG-2) formats. It also extracts original movie sound track from DVD.

AoA DVD Ripper is one of the few DVD copy software that can copy protected DVD movies.

Top 6 reasons to buy AoA DVD Ripper:

1. DVD video ripper and audio ripper - All In One!
2. Free select entire DVD, movie clip and chapters to copy
3. High speed and perfect quality
4. Excellent technical support
5. Lifetime free upgrade
6. 30-day Money back guarantee

AOA DVD Ripper

Easy as 1...2...3!
1. Load the DVD file.
2. Set the Output Profile.
3. Click the "Start" button, and you are done!

3 Copy Modes
Entire Movie - Copy the entire DVD movie
Movie Clip - Copy the selected movie clip of DVD
Chapter - Copy the selected chapters of DVD

Supported Format
DVD to VCD PAL/NTSC (MPEG-1) format
DVD to SVCD PAL/NTSC (MPEG-2) format
DVD to AVI, DivX, XViD, MPEG-4 format
* DVD to DivX format - same quality and 1/10 original DVD space!
DVD to WAV - Extract original movie sound track from DVD

Incredible Output Quality

Extremely Fast Copy Speed

Optimize P4 & AMD CPU and auto detect CPU types to select the most effective algorithm.

Batch Conversion

If you have a collection of IFO files to copy, you can transform them quickly in batch mode.

More Easy Settings You Can Customize ...

- Specify different output format for each task.
- Rename output movie title.
- Remove unwanted subtitles and audio tracks.
- Make the output size fit in a 74-Minute/80-Minute CD.
- Play back while ripping, so that you can see which part of the movie is being processed.
- Set audio quality, volume and Dolby surround effects.
- Disable audio.
- Automatically shut down the PC when done.

Q1. What's the limitation in trial version of AoA DVD Ripper?
The limitation in the trial version is that you can only copy 10-minutes of a movie. Otherwise, the functionality is exactly the same in the trial version and full version.

Q2: Why I cannot copy all the movies in my DVD disk?
Open the "Settings" window, uncheck the "Only Copy the Main Movie of the IFO File" box in the "Advanced Options" page.

Q3. Can AOA DVD Ripper rip files encoded with CSS encryption technology?
CSS is an encryption/encoding method which is designed to protect DVD from being copied. AOA DVD Ripper can rip protected movies.

Q4. Which is the best output format?
The DVD copied and compressed by DivX is of high quality and only takes up 1/10 original DVD space. To output DivX format, you need to install the DivX Codec in advance.

Q5. How to choose codec when ripping to AVI (DivX)?
Click the Settings button and choose the tab AVI Setting. You can choose video codec and audio codec in the drop list.

Q6. I want to get a completed file without being split, how?
In the Advanced Setting dialog, select the System tab, and then choose infinite from the drop-down list of File Split Mode.

Q7. What's the difference between .IFO and .VOB files?
The .IFO (and backup .BUP) files contain menus and other information about the video and audio, you can treat it as the index of the media content. The .VOB files (for DVD-Video) and .AOB files (for DVD-Audio) are MPEG-2 program streams with additional packets containing navigation and search information.

Q8. How can I make the DVD ripping result fit in a CD-R?
There are several split modes in AoA DVD Ripper, just select the required disc size from the drop-down list on the "Settings" window.

Q9. I don't want to rip the entire movie, how?
You can just rip the movie clips you want. In the Copy Mode area, select Chapter or Movie clip.

Q10. My DVD drive cannot play DVD after installing AOA DVD Ripper? What's wrong?
AOA DVD Ripper automatically installs the latest version of the ASPI driver during installation. If your software DVD player doesn't support the latest version of ASPI, it won't work. You don't have to uninstall AOA DVD Ripper, just reinstall your DVD player software to restore ASPI.

Q11. I have not had any problems with the process of copying DVD to AVI, but I have found that when I play these files back that the video is not in sync with the audio. I did a complete movie and it was fine, but when I did only a couple of chapters it had this problem.

There are two solutions.

1) Change some settings in the Settings window.
In the Output page, set output frame rate at 23.976 (NTSC) and resolution at lower value, such as
640/432. In the Advanced Options page, check the Audio/Video Synchronization.

Try it on a 2 minutes piece and see how it plays. If it still doesn't work, try the second solution.

2) Try remixing the AVI. Load the AVI in to virtualdub (you can search it on the Internet) and
stream both audio and video (so no re-encoding). In the audio options you can set an audio delay
(positive or negative) so you can align the video and audio back in sync.

Q12. Is there any limit about the DVD format?
No. There is no restriction to the DVD format. But AoA DVD Ripper is for personal backups only. If you don't own the DVD's that you are backing up, it is illegal to copy them, and we are not liable for consequence due to the use of our product for such purposes.

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Product Notes

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* Last Release: 2004-12-26

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AoA DVD Ripper converts DVD's to any kind of file keeping same quality and takes up less room on hard drive. It allows me to watch movies in AVI format on a laptop that does not have a DVD-Rom drive - I like to watch movies while traveling:)

- Mark Harnoi

Need to put training dvds on small device for air travel learning time. It is reasonably easy to use. All the rest are too complicated to foller.

- Robin Wexler

I'm working with DVD in our school. AoA DVD Ripper has ability to copy part of a DVD to harddisk. Apparent better quality output than others.

- Charles Coetsee

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